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The mattress is ideal for people who prefer medium-firm mattresses.

The mattress is more suitable for people who like to sleep on their side or stomach, and also for couples of equal or different weights.
The mattress is covered with high quality elastic fabric treated against dust mites.
The mattress fabric is quilted on one side with natural double fiber cotton, on the other side with natural double fiber sheep wool.
Pocket springs are connected around the perimeter to a flat steel wire frame.
mini orfeas rus
On the sides of the mattress there are special additional support springs that provide breathability, provide additional support for the edges and do not allow the edges of the mattress to sit.certificate orfeas
Above the springs there is a pressed double white layer of cotton, which is a layer between the springs and a heat-treated layer of cotton fiber.
There are additional ventilation holes along the edges of the mattress.
Mattress height 24cm.

Product info

Product info

Pack size: 80 × 200 × 24 cm
Kõrgus: 24 cm
Laius: 200 cm
Sügavus: 80 cm
Category: Mattresses

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